And you… Do you know the importance of taking care of your air conditioner?

After the hectic routine of the day, what we most want is to get to our room, turn on the air conditioner and have a cool and relaxing moment. With these high summer temperatures, living day to day without air conditioning would be impossible… but have you ever wondered how important it is to take care of your air conditioner?

Neglecting air conditioning maintenance ensures a constant decrease in air conditioning performance while energy usage is constantly increasing! Maybe you had never thought about it but indeed, the air conditioner must also have its own maintenance. Its filters, coils and fins require regular maintenance to keep the unit running effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service.

Today there are different ways to maintain an air conditioner but one of the most important is to replace the filters on a routine basis. Dirty and clogged filters block normal airflow and significantly reduce system efficiency. With normal airflow clogged, air passing through where the filter is located can carry dirt directly to the evaporator coil and affect the heat absorption capacity of the coil.

Replacing a dirty, clogged filter with a clean one can reduce air conditioner energy consumption by 5% to 15%. With this practice of changing or cleaning filters, you will ensure better efficiency in the use of it.

At this time you may be wondering where can I find or locate the filters of my air conditioner? Here we provide you with this information.

Room air conditioners have a filter mounted on the grille facing the room; for central air conditioners, the filters are usually located somewhere along the return duct. On the other hand, common filter locations are on walls, ceilings or in the air conditioner itself. It should be noted that some types of filters are reusable and others need to be replaced, but there is nothing to worry about, as filters are available in a wide variety of types and different efficiencies.

You may now have questions about how often we should have to clean an air conditioning system filter and it is recommended to clean the filters on a monthly basis or during the cold season. Filters may need more frequent maintenance especially if the air conditioner is in constant use, or if it is subject to dusty conditions, or if you have pets that shed a lot of hair.

Now it’s your turn! You know the importance of replacing and/or cleaning air conditioner filters, so it’s time to put it into practice. It’s time to continue enjoying this summer at home and at the same time dare to start with this new practice of taking better care of your air conditioning system.

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You will really notice that difference in the efficiency in the system and you can have those moments of relaxation in a place with fresh air and better quality.

That’s all about the importance of taking care of your air conditioner in your home. If you have suggestions for us, you can drop your comments below.