Job Position

Job Title: Independent HVAC Technician (Qualified)


Job Overview: 


At Smith’s Air, we are sourcing an Independent HVAC Technician, to maintain and grow an existing client base within the Sunshine Coast. You will be required to complete all the day to day requirements of cleaning, installing, and repairing all types and brands of commercial and residential Air Conditioning systems. You will manage your business under our brand, providing a top-notch service while enjoying the flexibility of managing your schedule and clientele. This role is ideal for someone who either wants to venture out on their own or is already operating independently but needs more clients to support their journey.




Pay: Last financial year, the client list you will be taking over produced the previous technician a turnover of $370,802.05 with a gross profit of $181,378.50


Car: If required, we can provide a work ute for you to service clients out of.


Tools: If there are further tools that you may require, we can help with providing such tools


Key Responsibilities:


  1. Technical Expertise – Demonstrate advanced proficiency in all HVAC works. Also, staying current with industry trends.
  2. Administrative Duties – Efficiently manage paperwork, documentation, and scheduling to ensure a seamless workflow.
  3. Customer Service and Sales – Cultivate positive client relationships through exceptional customer service.
  4. Operational Autonomy Enjoy and implement innovative solutions and best practices to optimise the delivery of all our services
  5. Invoicing – Accurately and promptly generate invoices for services rendered
  6. Marketing and Networking – Actively participate in marketing initiatives to promote the brand and expand clientele.


Application Process:

If you are interested in this role, please email your resume and cover letter to Successful candidates will be asked to complete a 30 minute aptitude test from the comfort of their own home during flexible hours. Then you will be requested for a face-to-face interview. If there’s a good fit, you’ll undergo a paid 4-week trial at $99 inc. GST per hour. After a successful trial, you will take on the entire client list. We look forward to hearing from you!

Cropped image of the air conditioning technician - Brock Smith

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Cropped image of the air conditioning technician - Brock Smith
Cropped image of the air conditioning technician - Brock Smith

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Cropped image of the air conditioning technician - Brock Smith
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