The preventive maintenance of our air conditioner is usually done once a year. This is because, with use, elements such as the internal filter, internal coil, external filter, turbine, etc. become dirty.

In this inspection, the refrigerant gas pressure should also be checked and, if it is low, it should not only be recharged but the system should also be checked for leaks. There is no point in inflating a punctured balloon, is there?

It is possible that if it is used excessively (8 or more hours a day), it may be necessary to check it more often and, on the other hand, if it is used very little, you can wait a maximum of 2 years. You should never let more than this time pass for maintenance since we will be putting the whole device at risk for something that may cost very little money and is very simple to fix.

To reduce risks and avoid possible incidents, before performing air conditioning cleaning, you must take a series of precautionary measures:

Cut the power supply and unplug the equipment, to avoid any voltage discharge.

Do not wet either the indoor or outdoor unit when cleaning. A damp cloth is sufficient.

To be more specific, when cleaning the units, it is advisable to use a soft, dry cloth or a cloth slightly dampened with water.

How to clean air conditioners?

Many people wonder how to clean an air conditioner, so from Aire Acondicionado Expert we have put together a series of steps that you should follow to complete the cleaning of any air conditioner. In addition, we have added extra suggestions due to the coronavirus crisis that requires deeper cleaning.

First of all, we must check that the air conditioning filters are in optimal hygienic conditions, otherwise, we must clean the air conditioning filters, removing all the dust and disinfecting it.

1. Clean the filters of the internal unit

The filters are the parts that are responsible for absorbing dust particles and prevent them from reaching the environment. Therefore, it is important to keep them clean. Otherwise, the performance of the air conditioner could be affected.

To clean them, you do not need special cleaning products, simply use cold water and let them dry in the shade. However, because of covid-19, if you use disinfectant, it is highly recommended that you replace the filters with new HEPA filters. Above all, if you do the maintenance to an air conditioning of a hotel or a place with many affluence.

It is advisable to do this once a year. Although if your device is a heat pump and you also use it in winter, it may be better to clean the filters more often.

2. Clean the Split

Don’t forget to clean the rest of the split, especially the part where it drains. Avoid at all costs that water accumulates, as it could become a source of bacteria and bad odours.

3. Cleaning the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit is usually more complicated to maintain because it is where the refrigerant gas is located and because it is usually installed on the facade. For these reasons, it is advisable that it is only handled by aircon experts and professionals. The same applies to its installation.

Even so, if it is accessible and does not pose any risk to you, you can dust the external grilles with a vacuum cleaner, or with a soft brush or brush.

4. Check the Refrigeration Circuit

One of the problems that you may encounter during the maintenance of your air conditioner is that the appliance has a leak and this causes the refrigerant gas to escape. In that case, do not hesitate and call Aircon Experts. They will find the leak, fix it and make a gas recharge.

5. Check the Electrical Circuit

We must check that the electrical circuit is not fused. It can also be bad that water or ice has entered in them, if this happens we must contact immediately with a technician.

Not all failures are so extreme, the electrical system may have a sensor that does not go well or even a small circuit may be disabled, causing some of the options of our air conditioning does not to work. That is why it is also important to check that all the functions we have available from the remote control work well.

6. Check Motors

It is also important that the engine, which makes the expansion valve and the compressor work, is operational and has no technical problems because otherwise the performance of our air conditioner can be reduced a lot.