If we want our air conditioner to last us many years we will have to do something since they do not maintain themselves. Therefore, we have gathered some tips to extend the durability of any air conditioner.

1. Clean the ducts properly

Sometimes, air conditioning ducts can be the reason why the air conditioning does not reach your home. If the ducts are dirty, they can obstruct or reduce the passage of air, as dirt and debris accumulate over time inside. To avoid this, you can regularly clean the air ducts, preventing any obstruction, and thus also improving the quality of the air inside your home.

So if you are allergic to dust and lately you find yourself with mucus, you know why it happens to you. To avoid major problems, the ducts should be cleaned at least once a year, before the air conditioner is used more regularly.

2. Perform regular inspections

For the good life of your air conditioner, regular check-ups play a very important role. Regular adjustments will keep your system in excellent condition and help you detect and prevent more serious problems. The best time for check-ups is usually in the spring, just before the summer months, when it is used the most.

The experts apart from doing “possible” maintenance to air conditioning systems, verify that the units or the air conditioning system itself, no irregularities. In fact, the internal parts of the complete air conditioning equipment is verified and even checked if it has a clean airflow and that is perfect for the proper health of its users.

3. Clean both units regularly

Many users tend to clean very few air conditioning units and this is a big mistake, since the same, for example, the external unit, tends to get very dirty by the very fact of being outside the house. The cleaning of both units, the internal and external, will keep them working optimally. In addition, many breakdowns can be avoided. In the case of cleaning the indoor unit, it can be done with soap, warm water and a cloth. In addition, the filters can be disassembled and cleaned and then left to dry.

The cleaning procedure for the external unit is similar to that of the internal unit. However, at this point, we must make sure that no dirt has accumulated around the unit or that there is no object nearby that could prevent it from working properly.

4. Take into account the meters to be cooled

We must properly choose the power of the device because if we save a few euros on the air conditioning system buy one of low power and want to cool many square meters, our device will have to make overexertion.

5. Keep the outdoor unit under the supervision

The correct operation of the outdoor unit extends the life of air conditioners considerably. For this reason, it should be checked frequently to make sure that it does not present breakdowns or anomalies. If we notice anything unusual in its operation, we should immediately contact the technical aircon repair service and let them check it.

6. Check the refrigerant gas charge

It is very common for air conditioners to lose refrigerant gas. There are many people who at the time of this problem, usually only charge it but this is not really a definitive solution. We must detect the location of the leak and repair it immediately to extend the life of the air conditioner because otherwise, the gas will escape again through the same hole. 

To check the gas charge we need pressure gauges and other specialized tools.
When gas escapes it is very common to see a blockage by low pressure if the equipment has pressure switches. Another typical symptom, which is often seen, is the formation of ice on the outdoor unit when the heating mode is activated.

7. Use it responsibly and turn it off when not in use.

When air conditioners are in constant use, they tend to wear out faster. It is important to turn it off if you plan to leave the house for a long time. You can set the thermostat to a minimum temperature that allows the unit to stay on but not cool the air. You can also turn up the thermostat in the evenings.

Both of these techniques will help extend the life of your system because it won’t be on all day without a break.

8. Annual inspection by an installer

Maintenance is recommended at least once a year. But if you can, it is more optimal by season: hot or cold. That is twice a year. This way we ensure a correct operation each time the season of operation of the equipment begins.

Yes, it will also depend on the use we give our air conditioner. That is, not the same if we use it a few hours a day if we do a whole day. In that case, it is advisable to carry out quarterly maintenance.