Boxed/Window AC Units

Deep Clean on boxed window ac system. Hydro wash to remove dirt, mould and bacteria

Boxed/Window Clean & Service

Full Operation Check

Filter & Fascia Clean

Evaporator Deep Clean

Supply Cavity Clean

Fascia Removal & Internal Clean

12 Month Mould Free Guarantee

12 Month Free Inspection Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

$70 for one clean

$60 each for two or more cleans

Recommended every 12 months

Questions & Answers

What is the 12 Month Mould Free Guarantee? 

This is a guarantee from us that if you find mould growing within 12 months of us performing a clean, we will return and complete another clean on the system completely free.


What is the Money Back Guarantee?  

If you are not happy with our cleans. Then we are not happy. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our Air Conditioning Cleans then we will refund you for that service provided within 30 days of completing the clean. We understand that not everybody knows our business so this is here to bring a bit of peace of mind to everybody.


What is the 12 Month Free Inspection Guarantee?   

Within 12 months of completing a Clean, if for any reason your air conditioner stops working or is causing you problems. We will return and complete a diagnosis of the air conditioner completely FREE. You will receive information as to why the system has stopped working. If it is a minor issue then the repair will be completed free of charge. If it is a more involved repair, then a quotation for the repair will be supplied to you for your consideration. There is no hourly rate or call out for diagnosing the air conditioner. (It is left to the discretion of Brisbane AC Cleaning whether a fault is a minor fault or not).