The air conditioning system is one of the most necessary devices that a home or business should have, and more in the hot is important to remember that to extend the life of these teams must perform a constant maintenance service, in order that they can provide good performance.

There are 5 basic facts that you may not know and we want to share with you about the maintenance of air conditioning, in order that you identify what it means to perform it and why it is necessary to perform it continues to improve the performance of your equipment, avoiding the occurrence of possible breakdowns.

The maintenance should be done with the air conditioner off

During the maintenance, a check is very important to verify that the air conditioner is off, in order to make a comprehensive observation of the system. If it is necessary to change the refrigerant, disinfect, clean and repair or replace components, it can be done correctly with the equipment off.

Maintenance should be done internally and externally

On the outside, your air conditioner may look perfect, but if it constantly presents failures or sounds, most likely it is not in optimal conditions. If you want to keep your unit in good condition should take into account the following points:

Constant maintenance will prevent your air conditioner suffers from refrigerant or water leaks.

With the passage of time the supports and parts of your air conditioning equipment may deteriorate, during the maintenance check, you can know the state in which your unit is.

It is necessary a constant cleaning of the dust that accumulates in the grids (filters) of the air conditioner, so you will avoid generating diseases, viruses and bacteria.

Maintenance is quite simple

The general overhaul is simpler than you might think, unless it needs a major repair, you won’t have to worry about maintenance lasting too long. Our recommendation is always that an air conditioning professional is the one who provides maintenance and air conditioning cleaning at least twice a year.

Maintenance prevents health problems

The preventive maintenance service is a comprehensive review that includes a review of parts, filter cleaning, examines the gas tank, check that the air inlets are not clogged and verify that your equipment is working properly. If your air conditioner is not in good condition it can cause health problems, among the most common ones are bronchitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis, asthmatic crisis, headaches, etc.

If the filters are not clean, they can be inhabited by fungi and bacteria that when expelled through the equipment affect the respiratory tract causing diseases. Undoubtedly this is one of the most important points of cleaning and maintenance of your air conditioner.

Maintenance saves time, money and electricity

We know that this point is also of great interest to you. Did you know that a malfunctioning air conditioner can triple the normal consumption of electricity? If your electricity bills continually arrive high, maybe this could be the reason. In other words, perform a proper maintenance service air conditioning is synonymous with savings.

Now that you know these facts about air conditioning maintenance service, do not forget that it is essential to protect the health of your family or your work team.