There is no doubt that good air quality is vital for health, especially for those who are sensitive and/or suffer from some constant respiratory ailment.

While today the issue of outdoor pollution has an influence on indoor spaces, indoor air quality can be significantly improved with regular cleaning of the air conditioner, particularly cleaning before starting up when it has been idle for a while.

For an air conditioner to function optimally, constant maintenance is necessary. This applies to homes and/or commercial spaces because, with the pandemic, its use was prolonged or postponed; if there is no regular cleaning many air conditioning devices become a means of spreading disease through the air. 

The accumulation of dirt in the interior filters of the equipment is the perfect environment for dust mites, bacteria, viruses and fungi, not to mention that it also causes damage to the device and increases energy consumption.

Here we share 4 reasons why it is essential to clean and maintain your air conditioner, especially if you live in cities with a higher concentration of pollutants:

Air pollution is not only outdoors

Dust and particulates emitted by vehicles and public transportation, boilers, construction and other activities can enter air conditioning systems. This can clog air ducts and air conditioning filters, causing allergies and other respiratory problems. 

There is also other “stuff” in the air

In addition to particulates and dust, there are other pollutants that filter through air ducts that also affect our air quality. Pet hair, mould, bacteria, dander, cigarette smoke, cleaning solvents, among others, can contribute to poor air quality and the formation of unhealthy odours.

If what you want is that your air conditioner works effectively and you can live in a safe environment, constant and proper cleaning of your equipment is where you should start.

Cleaning the air conditioner should be part of routine maintenance

If you want your air conditioning system to respond when you want to use it, it makes sense to keep that system running well with routine maintenance. As part of preventive maintenance, the  Air Conditioning Cleaning companies perform the following actions:

– Clean or change air conditioning filters.

– Check and clean clogged drain lines.

– Clean the coils and check refrigerant levels.

The cleaning of the panel and filters should be done at least monthly, if the environment has a large influx of people or is very dusty, we recommend, as essential, do weekly cleaning. 

Cleaning is an important part of the maintenance

If the air conditioner is an essential tool in your home, office or business, what you should do to extend the life of your equipment and work optimally, is preventive maintenance.

Surely on the internet, you can find videos, tutorials or tips on how to maintain your air conditioner, but do not forget that it is better to leave this work in the hands of experts to avoid damage to the equipment.

A good cleaning and maintenance of your air conditioner not only reduces the accumulation of dirt but also prevents unexpected breakdowns, reduces energy use, maintains proper humidity levels, avoiding the risk of transmission of Covid-19 and ensures a more comfortable and safe indoor environment.

The main benefits of carrying out an air conditioning cleaning service:

– Prevent breakdowns and unexpected repair costs.

– Reduce energy usage, which not only translates into cost savings but also reduces emissions.

– Maintain proper humidity levels to prevent mould growth and reduce the risk of virus and bacteria transmission.

– Maintain a more comfortable and healthy indoor environment.