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Cooroy, QLD

Supply, Install, Repair & Cleaning

Owner Operator
Brock Smith


Working weekends with his father on air conditioning systems from the age of 14, Brock has accumulated a wealth of experience. This includes the installation, commissioning and fault finding of systems as small as single room window mounted air conditioners through to hi-wall split systems and ducted systems, all the way up to large rooftop package systems used in clubs and other commercial properties. He has also gained experience in the installation of the complex Refrigeration systems used in Woolworths, Coles, and Aldi supermarkets.

Brock relentlessly worked his way up through an apprentice, becoming a nationally qualified tradesman, to a supervisory role in the white goods warranty team with Samsung Australia… to being the proprietor of his own business.


With the love and encouragement of his entire family, Brock is determined to continue to support his local community with the Best Response, the Best Service and Complete Loyalty.


Residential & Commercial Cooroy.

Supply & Installations

We can help you install any appliance in the right place. It doesn’t matter if your place is small or big. We can fit the right appliance into the right place and just where you need it. We always make sure we consider what our customer prefers before taking any step towards something permanent. 

Our installation plans are carefully planned and created in ways that satisfy the customer and fit the image that they initially had in mind. 

To make sure our installation lasts a long time and everything is safe to use for hears to come, we make sure our input is always top-notch. Our supplies are always of excellent quality. This makes us trustworthy and our work worth the investment even though we offer a fair price to the services we provide. 

Broken or Faulty AC?


Our repairmen are great with any sort of air-conditioning unit.

They are well aware of what and how each appliance is handled, and they can quickly get to the bottom of each problem. To also make our services affordable to the general public, we have our connections with wholesalers and manufacturers who give us the margin to keep your initials costs low.

Our services are quick and efficient, and cost-effective. That is the best trio you can find on the market, with better results guaranteed. 


Happy To Answer Any Questions

Mould, Dirt & Bacteria

Air Conditioner Cleaning & Maintenance Cooroy.

To save your appliances from dying early, you should know that keeping up with the cleaning is an essential part. It makes sure that your appliance is not stocked up on fungi, mold, and bacteria. This may build up over time, and to get your appliance in the best shape possible.

You should refer to Brock for the best cleaning and maintenance services. This not only extends the life of the appliance but also makes performance better and saves you extra billing. 


Happy Customers

Easy to contact, quick response and a fantastic service. Brock and his team are great at cleaning aircons. We had ours cleaned at the beginning of the year but were not happy with the outcome so we decided to use Smiths Air Conditioning Services. The amount of dirt they were able to find and remove was outstanding. Finally some clean air. Amazing attention to detail.

James Dunstan

Smith’s Air came around this afternoon and provided exceptional customer service. So grateful and will definitely use again. Friendly , on time, professional and not trying to get every dollar! Thank you

Jenny Wegner

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Information About Cooroy, QLD

Cooroy is a town and a locality in the Shire of Noosa, Queensland, Australia, but between 2008 and 2013 it was in Sunshine Coast Region.

Cooroy has an attractive classic village center but has also been modernized in some respects. Cooroy’s facilities include a hotel and a golf club. The Cooroy Motel is a 3-star accommodation directly opposite the train station. Noosa Botanical Garden is located at Lake MacDonald just outside the village. The Noosa District High School and Cooroy State Primary School are also located in Cooroy.


Cooroy is in the hinterland of the northern Sunshine Coast hinterland about 22 kilometres (14 mi) west of Noosa Heads. The Bruce Highway runs through the locality from south-east to north-west, bypassing the town. The Cooroy Noosa Road (State Route 6) runs north through the town from the Bruce Highway, then turns east.


Cooroy’s name came from Mount Cooroy, which was originally called Coorooey, from an Aboriginal word for possum, kurui.

The area was explored by timber-cutters as early as 1863. Cooroy’s main industry developed from timber, having two operating sawmills, into dairying and fruit growing. In 1915, a butter factory opened.

Cooroy railway station was opened in 1891 and in the same year a post office opened. A town survey was conducted in 1907.

Cooroy State School opened in 1909. Cooroy West State School opened in 1911 but closed in 1962.

The Anglican Church of the Holy Nativity was dedicated on 21 March 1914 by Archdeacon Henry Le Fanu. That church was destroyed by a cyclone on 19 February 1954. On Sunday 7 November 1954 Archbishop Reginald Halse dedicated the new church.

On 23 January 1961 a secondary department was added to Cooroy State School until the Cooroy State High School was opened as a separate school on 23 January 1963. In 1967 it became Noosa District State High School. In 2007, it was Cooroora Secondary College at Pomona which was merged into Noosa District State High School, with the Pomona campus being used for the younger students and Cooroy campus being used for the older students.

Noosa Christian College opened on 28 January 2003 as a primary school with 37 students. In 2007 it expanded to offer secondary classes.

The town was bisected by the Bruce Highway until a bypass was built in 1994.

The Cooroy Library opened in 2010.

To this day, Cooroy bills itself as the “Heart of the Hinterland”, for its vibrant communal creativity and tranquil country hospitality.


Coordinates 26.4166°S 152.9119°E