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Owner Operator
Brock Smith


Working weekends with his father on air conditioning systems from the age of 14, Brock has accumulated a wealth of experience. This includes the installation, commissioning and fault finding of systems as small as single room window mounted air conditioners through to hi-wall split systems and ducted systems, all the way up to large rooftop package systems used in clubs and other commercial properties. He has also gained experience in the installation of the complex Refrigeration systems used in Woolworths, Coles, and Aldi supermarkets.

Brock relentlessly worked his way up through an apprentice, becoming a nationally qualified tradesman, to a supervisory role in the white goods warranty team with Samsung Australia… to being the proprietor of his own business.


With the love and encouragement of his entire family, Brock is determined to continue to support his local community with the Best Response, the Best Service and Complete Loyalty.


Residential & Commercial Services Birtinya!

Supply & Installations

Birtinya is a beautiful coastal town, and it’s a dream to live here, but the humid weather can make it hard to survive for your ACs and refrigeration, and both of them are basic needs to live in a coastal town.

I’m sure you must be tired of these repair companies bankrupting you for a minor issue, and it appears if the damage is untouched after they are done. Well, not anymore.

We make sure to cater to our client’s needs in their given budget because we are directly linked with the manufacturers. 

You can have your peace of mind when it comes to quality and price. We offer the lowest rates possible and deliver you the highest quality of services that you can find in Birtinya.

Broken or Faulty AC?


Along the years working in birtinya, we came across a dozen of people on a daily, and almost all of them had different types and sizes of air conditioning systems. Some were simple, and some had extended ducts and vents.

So you don’t have to think twice before calling us as we are highly trained to repair and perfect all kinds of systems.

We know it’s hard to survive in this town without an AC for long; this is why we keep our diagnoses and repair quick with your ideal cost, and that is because we have our accounts managed with the manufactures. 

I’m sure you won’t call us again after we are done with your work, and that is not because our services were not up to the mark, but it’s because we won’t just repair your electronic, but we will find the source of the issue and solve that too so that you can be good to go for a long time. 


Happy To Answer Any Questions

Mould, Dirt & Bacteria

Air Conditioner Cleaning & Maintenance Birtinya.

With the increasing risks with our lungs due to the pandemic, you would want to keep them as secure as possible when in your sanctuary. But they aren’t too secure if you are breathing in bacteria—dirt and mold via your air conditioning and refrigeration.

Yes, these things can accumulate in these spaces because they provide the perfect environment for them to thrive, but we can take care of it. 

Call Brock Birtinya now and make sure that your electronics are working fine, not costing you a ton when it comes to electricity.

These things are an expensive and one-time investment, so make sure to keep them checked and maintained.

Happy Customers

Easy to contact, quick response and a fantastic service. Brock and his team are great at cleaning aircons. We had ours cleaned at the beginning of the year but were not happy with the outcome so we decided to use Smiths Air Conditioning Services. The amount of dirt they were able to find and remove was outstanding. Finally some clean air. Amazing attention to detail.

James Dunstan

Smith’s Air came around this afternoon and provided exceptional customer service. So grateful and will definitely use again. Friendly , on time, professional and not trying to get every dollar! Thank you

Jenny Wegner

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Information About Birtinya, QLD

Birtinya is a suburb of Kawana Waters in the Sunshine Coast Region, Queensland, Australia.[2] In the 2016 census Birtinya had a population of 1,933 people.


It contains the neighbourhood of Kawana Forest.


The name Birtinya is reportedly an Aboriginal word meaning neighbouring proposed by the development company, Alfred Grant Pty Ltd, on 31 March 1960.

Pacific Lutheran College opened on 26 September 2001; it is now within the boundaries of neighbouring Meridan Plains.

In the 2011 census, Birtinya had a population of 314 people.

In the 2016 census Birtinya had a population of 1,933 people.


Coordinates 26.7452°S 153.1158°E