The use of air conditioning is increasingly common in homes, corporations and offices, which have made our lives more comfortable to control the ambient temperature according to our needs. 

However, it is crucial not to forget to maintain this equipment, not only for its proper functioning but also for health reasons since there are substances or particles that are trapped in your air conditioner that can cause health problems such as allergies, asthma and even infections.

Here are some of the particles that accumulate in air conditioners and how you can eliminate them with proper cleaning and maintenance of your equipment. Although, we always recommend seeking help from Aircon Experts, so cleaning and maintenance are done professionally, and that doesn’t damage the system.

Viruses and Bacteria

Viruses and bacteria can quickly enter air conditioners, and the function of the filter is to prevent them from reaching other parts of the system and reproducing there. 

However, if the filters are not cleaned or routine maintenance is not done to the airconditioners is very likely that the air is not purified and that viruses and bacteria return to the room, which would cause health conditions, either our family or work team.


Your air conditioner absorbs moisture in the environment and when not properly maintained, this moisture promotes the creation of mould inside the unit and, in turn, can cause certain contaminants that were already in the equipment to intensify and cause allergic reactions and even bad odour. 

As mentioned above, air conditioning cleaning and maintenance is recommended.

Chemicals and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

VOCs are released by materials that are used every day in the office, such as printers, copiers, adhesives, permanent markers, air fresheners, paint, etc. In large concentrations, they can have an effect on people’s health and some symptoms are irritation of eyes, throat and nose, headache, allergic reactions, fatigue, among others. 

The constant cleaning of filters and other parts of your air conditioner is necessary to ensure good ventilation in the building and to avoid the accumulation of these particles in large quantities.


You might think that pollution is found only in the streets, but both the indoor unit and the outdoor unit can accumulate these external contaminants, if not given regular maintenance and ensure that the grilles and filters are clean, contaminants can accumulate in large concentrations and cause respiratory problems, especially if mixed with moisture in the environment.

Mites and animal dander

Both of these particles are tiny, but that doesn’t mean they can’t accumulate in your air conditioner, especially if you’ve neglected to maintain it. 

Mites are microscopic insects that reproduce easily in humid environments and both animal dander and fur they release sometimes is not noticeable but still can accumulate in the ducts. If there are pets in the space where you have your air conditioner, it is mandatory to maintain it at least every 6 months.

Maintain your air conditioner, give cleaning service to filters and ducts, will prevent a high accumulation of contaminants in your air conditioner and thus you can protect the health of your family or your employees.